Welcome to my homepage!

I’m Justin, 24 years old, from near Cologne in Germany and i’m working with WordPress and PHP since 2019.

In my work in web and WordPress development, I am constantly driven by the desire to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions. I have a passion for exploring the intricate details of WordPress and its core functionality, continually expanding my skills and knowledge. And I’m open to any tips on how to make something even better.

In the last years, I have successfully improved and optimized existing WordPress projects, enhancing their functionality and user experience. This allowed me to gain experience in customizing themes and developing bespoke plugins to tailor solutions to the individual needs of the clients.

Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to explore and learn more about my work and experiences. If you have any questions, collaboration opportunities, or exciting projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m excited to connect with you!

Sincerely, Justin (@jujoko7CF)

Events attended:


CloudFest Europe


Contibuting to the “CMS Health Check” group at the hackathon
WCDE Gerolstein

WordCamp Germany Gerolstein


Contibuting to the “core” group at the contributor day
Akropolis, Athens

WordCamp Europe Athens


Contibuting to the “core” group at the contributor day
Alexanderplatz, Europa-Park

CloudFest Europe


Contibuting to the “Statify” group at the hackathon
University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart

WordCamp Stuttgart